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If you're a new homeowner looking to buy or you're trying to sell a home, Albin J. Sporny III Law Office is here to assistant you in the process of taking care of your real estate needs. We have worked with both commercial and residential properties since 1995 and are member of the Illinois bar as well as the Illinois Real Estate Lawyers Organization
What Real Estate Services Do We Provide
Albin J. Sporny III Law Office can assist with a number of legal matters that come with land and property such as
Home Buying or Selling Assistance
We have helped people buy and sell condos, houses, apartment buildings, commercial buildings, and even land.

Estate Planning
Estate planning involves everything that you own not just real estate. In the event of you or your loved one's passing you need to have a set plan on who you're leaving your possessions to. Estate planning should be done no matter what your age is or whether you think you have something of value or not. Albin J. Sporny III Law Office can help you set a clear and simple plan to who gets what. Let us help you figure out what your estate is and get organized in the right way.

Probate is the process of distributing the estate of someone who's died to those that have inherited it. Albin J. Sporny III Law Office is here to assist you and your family through what can be a very sensitive time.

Living Wills and Trusts

After we've helped you with your estate planning it's time to create a living will or trust. With a living will or trust, you can leave parts of your estate to individuals before you die under certain conditions or rules set by the trust.

Contract negotiations

Everyone needs contract negotiation for something! When you're trying to reach an agreement on your property or any other legal matter, Albin J. Sporny III Law Office is here to make sure your best interest is at the fore-center.
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